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Bye Thanks: Maya Regev’s Parting Words to Hamas During Hostage Release

In the realm of cyberspace, a unique video has surfaced—a powerful clip that resonates with any viewer.

Meet Maya, a teenage Israeli girl who found herself in the custody of Hamas but was freed on November 25. In a poignant display of gratitude, she repeatedly smiled at Palestinian fighters who accompanied her to freedom, courtesy of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Maya Regev First Interview and Meet with ICRC Team

Maya Regev, the first hostage from the Re’im music festival, was promptly transported to Soroka Hospital for treatment due to a leg injury. As of now, she has not granted any interviews, but additional information can be gleaned from Instagram posts about Maya Regev’s gestures here.


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Maya Regev’s Final Message to Hamas Fighters

The 21-year-old Palestinian captive, Maya Regev, not only beamed broadly upon her release but also uttered a heartfelt “Bye syukron” translating to “Goodbye, thank you” in English.

Imagine this scenario: a member of Hamas, traditionally portrayed as harsh and inhumane, displaying compassion and service towards a captive—leaving the prisoner in awe of the treatment by Palestinian militants. Without directly listening to an interview with Maya Regev, we can conclude that from her eyes, she holds great admiration for the Hamas fighters.

On Twitter, a netizen speculated that Maya Regev may have developed feelings for Palestinian militants, possibly because, during her time in Israel, she had not encountered what she perceived as a true man in her country.

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This narrative has gained significant traction in the online world, turning the stereotypically ominous portrayal of Palestinian captors into a story of compassion and pride, aligning with the very principles of Islam followed by Palestinian fighters—Islam, the religion of mercy for all worlds.

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