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Unraveling MoroccanOil’s Ties to Israel

MoroccanOil is a well-known brand focused on hair care and styling products, known for its signature product, MoroccanOil Treatment. The brand was founded in 2006 by Carmen Tal and her husband, Ofer Tal. The parent company of MoroccanOil is Moroccanoil Inc., based in Israel. Carmen Tal, originally from Israel, founded the brand after experiencing a hair mishap while on vacation in Israel. She encountered a hair treatment made with argan oil, which not only repaired her damaged hair but also transformed it into lustrous and healthy locks. Inspired by this transformative experience, Carmen and her husband partnered with a group of entrepreneurs to create MoroccanOil and bring the benefits of argan oil to a wider audience.

Carmen Tal, of Israeli origin, is widely recognized as the founder and co-owner of MoroccanOil. Her background includes experience as a fashion entrepreneur, with her work encompassing retail, design, and manufacturing. Carmen’s ethnic background is not explicitly mentioned, but being from Israel, she is likely of Israeli ethnicity. She is particularly known for revolutionizing the hair care industry with the introduction of MoroccanOil Treatment, which quickly gained popularity worldwide for its nourishing properties and ability to transform damaged hair. Through her pioneering efforts, Carmen has established MoroccanOil as a reputable brand, respected for its high-quality products, especially for the treatment and styling of all hair types.

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MoroccanOil in the United States

With the data at hand, we need supplementary information to thoroughly examine whether MoroccanOil endorses Israeli activities and plays a role in the occupation of Palestinian territories. The subsequent analysis presents the outcomes of our comprehensive review for further insight.


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Unpacking Claims: MoroccanOil’s Suspected Ties to Israel

Amidst the persistent conflicts between Israel and Palestine, consumers are actively seeking ways to express solidarity with the Palestinian people. One impactful strategy involves boycotting products that are known to provide support, either morally or materially, to Israeli authorities. Notably, refraining from purchasing items associated with MoroccanOil is seen as a concrete step in resisting the Israeli occupation in Palestinian territories.

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MoroccanOil is not officially listed on the BDS boycott list, but it is included on a website like that lists companies that are connected to the Israeli occupation.

While may not be explicitly listed on the official boycott list, the website includes this company in connection with the Israeli occupation. Furthermore, the evidence presented below strongly suggests its involvement in supporting Israeli activities against the Palestinian population.

To explore a comprehensive list of companies associated with Israel or with roots originating from the region, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter the brand or product name in the designated field.
  2. Hit enter to commence the search.
  3. Reveal in-depth insights into the brand’s connections with Israel.
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This article delves into MoroccanOil’s involvement in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Additionally, you can refer to our previously published article for an extensive list of well-known companies affiliated with Israel across various sectors such as fast food chains and fashion corporations from around the globe.

Israeli Product List

View the complete list of companies and brands affiliated with Israel, along with their latest proofs.

In summary, the comprehensive review above provides a deep insight into the MoroccanOil brand’s association and stance concerning Israel. For a more in-depth exploration of this topic, platforms like offer detailed information on companies benefitting from the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Moreover, consulting official documents from the United Nations can offer valuable insights into the matter. This holistic approach ensures a well-informed perspective on the intricate interplay between businesses, geopolitics, and societal issues in the region.

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