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200+ BDS Movement Boycott List [Updated]

Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) is a Palestinian-led global movement that aims to pressure Israel to comply with international law and respect Palestinian rights. The BDS movement calls for boycotts of Israeli products, divestment from Israeli companies, and sanctions against Israel.

Here is a detailed guide of BDS’s targeted consumer boycotts, divestment, and pressure campaigns:

Bds 4 Targets
Bds 4 Targets

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Consumer boycotts

  • Boycott Israeli products, including fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural products; cosmetics and toiletries; clothing and textiles; and electronics and appliances.
  • Boycott companies that operate in Israel’s illegal settlements in the West Bank, such as Hewlett-Packard, Caterpillar, and SodaStream.
  • Boycott companies that support Israel’s military occupation and human rights abuses, such as G4S, Elbit Systems, and Boeing.

Consumer boycott targets: AXA, PUMA, Carrefour, Hp, Siemens, Sodastream, ReMax, AHAVA


  • Divest from Israeli companies and banks.
  • Divest from companies that support Israel’s occupation and human rights abuses.
  • Divest from universities and other institutions that have ties to Israel’s military or occupation.

Divestment Targets: Elbit Systems, JCB Manufactur, HD Hyundai, CAT, Barclays, HikVision, Chevron, Volvo

Pressure campaigns

  • Pressure governments and international organizations to sanction Israel.
  • Pressure cultural institutions to cancel performances and exhibitions by Israeli artists.
  • Pressure sports organizations to boycott Israeli teams and athletes.

Pressure (non-boycott) targets: Google, Amazon,, Expedia, Airbnb, Disney

How you can help

  • Spread the word about BDS and encourage others to boycott Israeli products, divest from Israeli companies, and pressure their governments to sanction Israel.
  • Support Palestinian businesses and initiatives.
  • Get involved with your local BDS campaign.

Organic boycot targets: Domino’s Pizza, Mc Donald’s, Papa John’s, Wix Site, Burger King, Pizza hut

Together, we can pressure Israel to end its occupation and human rights abuses and respect Palestinian rights.

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