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Understanding the Affiliation Between Cetaphil and Israel

Cetaphil, a well-known skincare product, has strong ties to Israel through its affiliation with Galderma, a prominent skincare company that is part of the EQT company’s portfolio. This connection raises questions about the economic and defense-related implications of supporting products like Cetaphil.

Galderma Eqt 2
Galderma Eqt

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The Galderma and EQT Connection

Cetaphil is a product of Galderma laboratories, L.P. United States, which is under the umbrella of EQT, a Swedish company that has made substantial investments in Israel. EQT Company’s investments in Israel amounting to 2.2 billion EUR underline a significant financial connection between the skincare industry and the Israeli economy.



EQT’s Involvement in Israel Cybersecurity

Further illustrating this connection, EQT Company invested 100 million USD in CYE, an Israeli cybersecurity company, in 2021. This not only emphasizes the economic ties but also highlights the strategic importance of Israeli companies in sectors critical to national defense.

Eqt Israel 2
Eqt Israel


Implications for Consumer Choice

The intertwining of Cetaphil with the economic and defense interests of Israel prompts a consideration of consumer choices. Individuals concerned about the Palestinian cause may find it important to avoid products, such as Cetaphil, that have strong affiliations with Israel.

Support for the Palestinian Cause

In light of the complex geopolitical landscape, supporting the Palestinian cause is a sentiment held by many individuals globally. Choosing to avoid products with strong ties to Israel, like Cetaphil, becomes a way for consumers to align their purchasing decisions with their values.

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Understanding the affiliations between Cetaphil, Galderma, and EQT Company sheds light on the broader economic and strategic connections between skincare industries and nations. Consumer choices play a role in shaping these dynamics, and for those who stand in solidarity with the Palestinian cause, opting for products without strong affiliations to Israel becomes a tangible expression of support.

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